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Muscle Stimulation Devices

TENS- I use the Medfit-1TENS machine for the easy to use dials to control intensity. Please contact me once you have purchased your TENS for application settings.

NMES- I use the Medfit EMS for it's user friendly design once set up. Please contact me for set up and application settings.

Ultrasound Gel- Will be needed to improve conductivity to ensure that electrical stimulation can pass through fur.

*Please only use these devices under direct supervision of a Veterinary Physiotherapist as part of a treatment program.*

Hot/Cold Packs

The simplest, cheapest and yet one of the most effective bits of kit available to do at home.

These gel packs can be kept in the freezer or heated in the microwave for 30 seconds. Please always wrap in a towel before application.

*Please seek advice from a Veterinary Physiotherapist for guidance on application*

Kinesiology Tape

I often tape as part of my treatments and if appropriate I will demonstrate how to apply so you can reapply at home between treatments.

The H20 Rocktape is extra sticky so will stick on fur.

*Please only use for your Dog/Horse under direct supervision of a Veterinary Physiotherapist* 


There is no clinical evidence on the effectiveness of traditional magnetic bands/collars. However, Streamz technology works differently from traditional magnets and they have run several independent studies which have shown Streamz to improve range of motion.

They are no alternative to Physiotherapy but complementary to my treatments.

*Not advised for animals with heart conditions *

Pet Remedy 

I always have a Pet Remedy diffuser on when in clinic and have found it to be effective in reducing anxiety. The more relaxed a patient is the more we can get out of our physiotherapy sessions. 

You can plug it in prior to my visit, the spray can be used in the car on the way to your appointment or the wipes can be wiped over your pets face and body.

Also effective for Horses!

Yumove -Adult/Senior

Joint Supplement


I'm a big advocate that prevention is better than cure. I advise all my clients to get their dogs on a joint supplement, even before clinical symptoms appear. 

Omega 3 has been clinically proven to reduce the clinical signs of osteoarthritis in dogs and Yumove is high in Green lipped muscle, a source of Omega 3. However, there is no clinical evidence on Glucosamine or Chondroitin.

Joint supplements are no alternative to Physiotherapy, however they are complementary to my treatment. 

Lintbells also offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you don't see any improvement in your dog!

Canine Rehabilitation Equipment

Foam Yoga Block- To advance your dogs weight shifting exercises and encourage weight bearing through either front or hind legs.

Wobble Cushion- A step up from the foam block weight shifting. Wobble cushions can be pumped to varying firmness to improve core activation.

Caveletti Poles- Great for encouraging your dog to step over the poles and use a full range of motion.

*Please only use under the direct supervision of a Veterinary Physiotherapist. Although some exercises may seem simple they can be detrimental to your dogs recovery and cause pain*